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Car/Truck Owners: Why Use an Independent Mechanic?

  • My car’s acting up. Will it cost me an arm and a leg? Is it still safe to drive? Am I going to get stranded at the worst time possible?
  • What should I do to keep my car running optimally so as to avoid crazy repair bills? How much money should I be setting aside for future repairs?
  • My car’s getting old; is it better to pay for maintenance and repairs or just trade it in? If I buy another one, what kind should I get?
Get honest answers to these questions - and a great, personalized service - work with a local Independent mechanic ...

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Mechanics: Why List With Us?

Our goal is to create a nation-wide listing of good independent mechanics, mobile as well as small independently owned shops, so car owners can easily find such in their area, and to provide independent mechanics with additional resources to serve customers more effectively. We also offer an extensive Resources section ...

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