Making an independent mechanic’s life a little bit easier!

Our goal is to:

●  create a nation-wide listing of good independent mechanics, mobile as well as small independently owned shops, so car owners can easily find such in their area;
●  highlight to the public the value of independent mechanics;
●  provide especially independent mobile mechanics with examples of how to log your work and keep track of customer vehicle information, all past repairs, and future maintenance recommendations;
●  provide independent mechanics with a forum to share advice, resources, repair methods, and tips.

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  • Shared tips on tools, types of repairs for mobile mechanics
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Mobile Mechanic keeping costs low

Core Value:
All independent mechanics listing here must share the following core value:
Because it shouldn't be stressful to own a car (TM)

Examples of how you can practice this value:
●  you always look for the most sensible and cost-effective solution to any car problem;
●  as a mobile mechanic you offer your customers home service that works around their schedule;
●  you help your customers to plan ahead, keep track of and remind customers when servicing is due on their vehicles;
●  you keep a log of past repairs for easy reference;
●  may offer limited emergency roadside assistance.

This website offers you examples of resources which can make your job easier and should improve your customers’ experience (Your choice of using any of these resources is strictly at your own responsibility. The owner of this website shall not be held liable for the accuracy, safety or any other aspects of the information provided herein. This is also in order to keep our cost down - and therefore to keep your cost down):

● Examples of work suitable for mobile mechanics, including some less obvious tasks;
● Examples of tool kits and tool vendors incl. diagnostics tools;
● Examples of recordkeeping as a work log which is helpful for future customer visits (not for accounting, tax, legal, or any other regulatory purposes), examples of invoices/receipts;
● A forum to exchange advice on car repair solutions at the mechanic-to-mechanic level;
● Other helpful tips.

Customers will have an opportunity to rate you on this website based on this one criterion: How well does this mechanic help me to relieve the stress of car ownership. So please encourage your customers to submit reviews.

Low Cost:
Keeping your cost very low, now and in the future, is one of our key goals. The price of membership is subject to change but only to keep up with inflation or market trends. Over time we may offer additional premium services for additional fees, but this will not affect your basic cost of the listing. Your listing here is on a month-to-month basis and you shall keep your listing current. Our goal is to keep this website current and therefore will remove listings which become inactive or inaccurate. We will attempt to contact you before removing a listing.

The purpose of this web site is not to teach car mechanics their skills or safety rules - we assume that all mechanics who list their services here are experienced individuals who perform their work in a safe and responsible manner and who comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We also do not offer any insurance, legal, accounting, tax or other regulatory advice. This web site or the forum(s) facilitated by it shall not be used to coordinate service pricing. It is OK to share information about good suppliers and typical costs of parts or tools. The use of the resources offered here shall be limited to those mechanics currently listing here. None of the information provided through this website shall be construed as any recommendation. We strive to offer examples of work and processes which other independent mechanics may have found useful. However, your use of any of the information provided herein is strictly at your own risk.

Our core value is: Because it should not be stressful to own a car. If you agree to list your contact through his website, it is because you practice this core value.